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The most environmentally impactful “green” renovation in the Philadelphia area

Completely new super high-efficiency building envelope

Enormously effective new insulation behind all walls

New windows with heat blocking coatings and filled with argon gas

New reflective and thermally insulated roof

All new heating and air conditioning system; carbon-free utilizing super high efficiency electric heat pump, using 1/3 the energy of the previous system

100% new energy star appliances and LED and CFL lightbulbs throughout

These energy saving renovations are saving 40 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year (using coal generated electricity), the equivalent of taking more than 3,500 cars off the road!

Commitment to purchase 100% of electrical energy from wind generated power – a completely carbon emission free property!

Huge green roof area and lots of new carbon eating trees throughout the property

All new water-efficient dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets; and new rainwater retention system

1.5 blocks from the train, on site electric car charging: live the green lifestyle you want and best of all don’t pay a premium for it!